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Ciel and Grell: Kuroshitsuji Goes To ALA

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 20, 2012, 8:20 PM

Cosplay Dreams



Kuroshitsuji: Black Butler

          Ciel & Grell: Kuroshitsuji Goes To ALA (Anime Los Angeles)


Cast of Characters:

                Ciel Phantomhive: Katelynn (katie1890)

              Grell Sutcliff: Lauri Ailane (DareDreemer)

              Narrator:  Lauri Ailane (DareDreemer)



                  Ciel Phantomhive is a 13 year old boy from London, England. He is the Earl Phantomhive and the head of the Phantomhive Estate. He has decided to attend a convention known as ALA (Anime Los Angeles), but regretfully his bodyguard and butler, Sebastian Michaelis, has been called away on business. In his absence a grim reaper, known as Grell Sutcliff, has been appointed to be Ciel's companion and butler on his trip to LA. Our story begins the day  Ciel discovers that Grell shall be accompanying him on his trip.


The Scene:

                 Ciel is sitting at his desk, in his Study like usual. He is going over the reports from his family company, The Funtom Toy & Confection Co.. He is wearing his usual green suit and awaiting his usual morning tea. All appears to be quiet in the manor. When all of a sudden the door flies open wide and in walks Grell Sutcliff, pushing a cart with a pot of  the young master's morning tea on it. Ciel, who is completely caught off gurad, is quite taken aback at such an intrusion. (Ciel's eyes nearly pop out of his head as he watches Grell saunter into his sacred Study).



                       Grell is a grim reaper or better known as a Shinigami, (Death God). He has very long, fire red hair. He considers himself to be the "Goddess of Red". Grell is infatuated with Sebastian and so will do most anything for his attention. Including watching over his prized kitten, Ciel Phantomhive. Grell was none too pleased to take on this favor, but since it was his desired, demon butler, "Bassy". He was unable to refuse. So Grell has accepted the task to play nice with Ciel and watch over him in Sebastian's absence.



       What are you doing here?



        It appears I will be attending you on your trip to ALA, since your beloved BUTLER will be away on business.... (Grell smiles a great big smile, showing off his razor sharp teeth. He pours the young master his morning cup of Earl Grey Tea ).  Sebastian asked that I keep watch over you and to make sure you do not get yourself into any trouble. (Ciel's face appears to be quite annoyed with this notion). (Grell clasps his hands together and spins) I shall try to make "Bassy" proud of me. Then maybe I will get that sweet kiss from him. (Grell makes a kissy face).  



                The realization hits Grell what he has agreed to do and what should happen if he should fail Sebastian.



           Oh "Bassy"! What am I to do? (Biting his nails) I mustn't let anything happen to the little pipsqueak or "Sebby-Chan" will have my head.



       (Huffs) Yes, alright, I suppose you may come along.... (Looking quite irrated Ciel puts his hand to his brow). Sebastian just HAD to attend that CAT convention... honestly! (Looking directly at Grell)  Oh and Grell, I would not get your hopes up. Even I have been unable to get a kiss out of Sebastian... (A smirk crosses Ciel's lips).



        (Grell places his left hand on his hip and leans that direction, as if he were a woman, while flipping his right hand in the air around and around). Well don't expect me to, "Yes my  Lord" you all over the place. I am only doing this as a favor for my "Bassy"!  (Once again Grell clasps his hands together and dreamily looks up and says to himself out loud). One day you sweet, sexy demon I will have you naked in my bed.... (Ciel appears quite repulsed by this image).



      (Ciel slams his fists down on the desk as he jumps up and out of his chair. A snarl is painted accross his lips). I DON'T BLOODY WANT YOU TO SAY THAT TO ME ANYWAY!  Knowing you GRELL, it'd just AROUSE you too much.



        (Grell's eyes grow quite large. He stomps his right foot as he fists his hands and lowers his arms straight down his sides). Why you little BRAT!!!!  If only you were not "Sebby-Chan's" prized kitten... (Very restrained he continues while gritting  his teeth). I would rip your soul right out of you and stuff it down your pretty little throat!



      OH IS THAT SO?! (Ciel begins to walk around to the side of his desk, nonchalantly looks Grell straight in the eyes). I would love to see you try. You over the top, POP-TART!! (Grell's blood begins to boil). I believe it would provide me with a source of entertainment. (Ciel waves a dismissive hand).



        WHY YOU!!!! (Grell runs towards Ciel with crafting scissors in hands).



                   Yes poor Grell has been allowed only to carry crafting scissors to exract souls. His boss, William T. Spears, confiscated his chainsaw scythe and also his regular scissors after Grell broke some of the Shinigami rules.


The Scene:

                 Grell runs towards the young master, but as usual trips on the edge of the large carpet in the center of the room. Seeing his approach, Ciel slightly turns to allow Grell to fly right past him, sending Grell straight out the open window and into the Rose Bushes below.



        Wahh, ahhh!  Ooomp... (Grell lies crumpled in the bushes, thorns piercing his body, with little "Sebbys" flying round his head). (In a dazed, dreamly state) Oh my sweet, sweet "Bassy"!! Ohh, ohhh....


The Scene:

               Meanwhile Lord Phanotomhive returns to his chair behind his desk and sits down to continue on with his daily business. Not caring one bit about the grim reaper who just flew out of his Study window.



      (Disapprovingly shakes his head). Idiot Shinigami! (Sips his morning tea).


The End


Stayed Tuned:  Scene II coming Soon!!!

                           Will Grell Sutcliff ever receive that elusive Butler kiss? Will Ceil Phantomohive ever get over his annoyance of cats? These questions and more will be answered next time..... In, Ciel & Grell: Kuroshitsuji Goes To ALA.......



                   Story  Written By: Lauri Ailane (DareDreemer)

                   Dialogue Written By: Lauri Ailane (DareDreemer)

                                                                                                                         Katelynn (katie1890)

                   Edited by: Lauri Ailane (DareDreemer)

                   Proof Read By: James

                   Story Approval By: Katelynn (katie1890)

                   Story Hosted By:


Thank Yous:

                              To: The Kuroshitsuji Project, Yana Toboso. SQUARE ENIX CO. Ltd, ANIPLEX, FUNimation Productions Ltd, Yuya Matsushita, Uheara Takuya, Yukito Nishii, J. Michael Tatum, Daniel Fredrick, Brina Palencia, Daisuke Ono, Jun Fukuyama, Maaya Sakamoto, And to all others involved with the Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Manga, Anime, Video Game & Stage Productions. Also to all the fellow Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Cosplayers & Fans.


                                Cosplay Dreams

A skit scene written out for our cospaly group: Cosplay Dreams. Based on The Kuroshitsuji: Black Butler manga & anime series. With inspirations from the Black Butler musicals. This scene is about Ciel & Grell finding out they will be attending an anime convention together in Los Angeles, California. It is written in the style of a play, (hence all the directions be laid out).
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