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Kuroshitsuji FanFictions StickieBun13 x Dare



The last thing William wanted when returning home after his undercover work at the Noah's Arc Circus, was to find Grell in his kitchen. The last thing he expected to happen was what was to follow...
Pairing: Grelliam // GrellxWilliam

Written RP-style. Dare as Grell, Stickie as William.
Also on:

Disclaimer: We do not own any recognizable characters. We only explore the possibilities.
William let out a small sigh, bringing his cigarette to his lips and taking a long, much-needed drag to calm his nerves. Undercover work was stressful enough, but to be on such a case which had required him to not only dress in a ridiculous looking suit, but also have to deal with a demon in the facility—and in his tent where he had to sleep… The assignment was testing him, and he hated it. His place wa

This is a special one-shot written for the request made by Stickie's fans, who wanted her to write more Grelliam. I offered to assist her in the project and now I present the finished project. Please have a gander and we hope you enjoy this little story we conjured up.



Can also be found at:

Archive of Our Own (AO3): DareDreemer or StickieBun

When the Bell Tower Tolls

When the Bell Tower Tolls Chapter 1When the BellTower Tolls
Chapter 1
"Sutcliff..! How many times must I tell you to stop messing with demons? Honestly...!" Will scolded, his scythe whizzing past the obnoxious reaper's, crimson head.
Another day, another reap—or that was how it was suppose to be. But unfortunately for William T. Spears, the Shinigami Dispatch supervisor, fate would have other plans.
It was a crisp morning in gloomy, old London. The fog had blanketed over the city, casting an eerie spell over its inhabitants. The only mortals running around, were the lamp extinguishers, the milk man and the newsstand operators. Unbeknownst to the mortals of the realm, a battle was ensuing on the grand green of Hyde Park. A battle between reaper and demon.
Grell Sutcliff the foremost pain in the Dispatch supervisor's hip had been scheduled to collect the soul of a one, Mister James Fenimore Cooper, who was to die from the
When the Bell Tower Tolls Chapter 2When the Bell Tower Tolls
Chapter 2
Will stood in the middle of his kitchen. The night had proved to be a sleepless night. The pain in his shoulder keeping him awake for the most part. He refused to take any pain killers. He hated the way they made him feel and they often left him with a sour stomach. He quietly sipped his morning tea, while he waited for his toast to brown. A light breakfast, he figured, would help him feel better. He picked up the London newspaper and began to read it. He rather enjoyed seeing what was happening in the mortal realm. The front pages were mostly crime stories, murders always got the headlines.
The toast popped up from the tiny toaster. Will placed the two slices on a small plate and carried them to his table. He spread strawberry jam, his favorite, over the bread and he ate it quickly. He needed to be off and on his way. Work, never ending work.
A loud,



Can also be found at:

Archive of Our Own (AO3): DareDreemer or StickieBun

Newest Deviations

Tea and Crumpets

Tea and Crumpets Chapter 1He sat precariously perched on the very edge of his shop's roof, whistling and singing a sea shanty as he retouched the paint on his sign.  People passing by on the street stopped to stare up at the eccentric mortician, wondering how in the world the man could so easily squat there, unconcerned with the drop beneath him.  His long silver hair blew in the wind, and he smiled happily as he worked.
"Fifteen men on a dead man's chest," he crooned, "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum..."
He paused when he saw a small group of people looking up at him, and he tipped his hat to them.  "Afternoon," he greeted with a toothy grin.
They hastily departed.
Shrugging, Undertaker resumed his task, whistling the simple tune he'd gotten attached to since reading "Treasure Island".  
He got so absorbed in what he was doing that he didn't notice a certain flamboyant redhead coming his way from the opposite side of the street.
Grell walked slowly down the London street, his mind a mill
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 2"What now...?" Grell softly asked.
His foot running up and down the Undertaker's leg, as he kissed his cheek. Grell's fingers, matching his foots rhythm, traced circles on the mortician's back. He could lay there just like that and be perfectly content for the rest of his days, but he knew that was not possible. Inside, the thought of having to leave these warm arms holding him hurt. He still didn't understand what was going on between them. How things had escalated so quickly. But what happens next? That one question ran over in his head as he looked the retired reaper in the eyes.
"Now?" Undertaker raised his head and gazed down at him, the fall of silver bangs partly obscuring his eyes. "Why, now we bask in the afterglow and fall asleep together, as I recall. I know some things have changed since I last shared my bed, but I hope you don't intend to rush out on me, dear. Besides, I still have to finish cleaning your garments off and feeding you breakfast, in the morning."
He rubbed t
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 3Undertaker stepped up to the door with his offering in one hand. He rang the bell and stepped back, a little nervous in spite of himself. It didn't matter that he'd already had his date in various ways. He hadn't been on any sort of date for longer than he could remember. He self-consciously straightened the black bowtie at his throat, hoping his appearance was all right.
Grell turned his head, hearing the doorbell. He took one last glance in the mirror and then straitened his skirts. The train dragging behind him as he glided to the door. Letting out a deep breath, he turned the knob and opened it.
With a warm smile, he greeted his guest. "Khronos, welcome! Please come in and make yourself at home." He stepped back, allowing him to enter.
Undertaker smiled broadly at the sight of him, taking him in with appreciative eyes. "Well now," he murmured, "aren't you a lovely vision."
He held out the two roses almost sheepishly. "For you, my dear."
Grell blushed with pleasure. "Thank you... Ho
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 4Hearing the mortician walk in behind him, Grell painted a smile on his face. He was determined to not let the "good" doctor ruin his evening completely. He spun around, meeting the Undertaker's gaze.
"Did you make a decision? What is it I can get you?" The redhead inquired. Slowly he stalked his lover, like a cat about to pounce on its prey. "...or would you much prefer something else?" He suggested, his hands sliding up the Undertaker's torso.
The mortician affixed an equally forced smile on his lips, distracted by the possibilities raging through his mind. Fortunately, his mouth was so trained to smile under any circumstance that it came easily to him and appeared natural.
"I think I'd like a brandy, darlin', if you've got it."
Styx, he thought he could probably knock back a few, right now. He hadn't been prepared for how strongly and completely his protective instincts flared up for this reaper. He didn't believe in love at first sight, nor did he tend to fall for lovers as soon as
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 5Sunlight filled the room, bathing the two sleeping reapers in warmth. Reluctantly, Grell stirred. He blinked a few times, shielding his eyes from the blinding light. The weight of an arm across his belly had him turning his head. He smiled as he gazed over at the mortician snuggled up against him. He brushed a strand of silver hair from his lover's face, but he didn't wake him right away. Instead he lay there admiring the reaper next to him. Who would have ever thought, he and the morbid mortician would end up in each other's arms. It was nice. The Undertaker didn't treat him like a freak... well not any longer. He confessed that he had always had a fancy for Grell and that made the redhead feel special for the first time in his reaper life. It was also welcoming that Khronos respected him enough to address him properly.
The other reapers refused to accept that he was a lady, deep down inside. For the most part, their calling him in masculine pronouns didn't bother him, but it made him
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 6 Part 1Grell plastered a kiss to the retired reaper’s cheek as they entered the Undertaker’s inner sanctum. His big, beautiful, pink canopied bed lay before them. He wanted to hold his companion’s naked body as they made love once again upon it. Grell giggled at the memory of their misunderstanding over the colour of it.
"What are you giggling about, cheeky thing?" Undertaker was smiling as he lowered Grell onto the bed and climbed on top of him.  He immediately began pressing kisses against his throat, and he retracted his fingernails as he started to deftly unfasten the dress.
Shaking his head, Grell dismissed the comment and the thought. He locked his eyes onto the Undertaker’s face, watching as he undressed him. “Rough and hard?”
Undertaker worked free the lacings on Grell’s dress, his mouth moving more insistently against the fair skin.  "If that’s what you want, darlin’, I’m more than happy to give it to you."
Grell p

Tea and Crumpets Chapter 6 Part 2Grell looked the Undertaker in the eyes as he was carried up the stairs. “Are you angry with me… for not wanting to use a safe word? I didn’t mean to loose my temper either. You’re just so different. You drive me insane and I am already clinically declared as insane or I use to be. I guess I am trying to understand why you don’t want to use me. I assumed you would and you looked so pleased when I was bound. I don’t want to have ruined anything for you. I am sorry that… ” Grell laid his chin on Khronos’ shoulder and whispered. “That, I cried.”
Undertaker shook his head, and he pushed the doorway separating the basement stairs from the rest of the living quarters, nudging it open with his boot.  "You didn’t spoil anything, my dear.  I’m simply not used to playing a game like that with someone I have genuine feelings for; and knowing that ‘doctor’ did…whatever all he did to you
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 7The mortician’s expression immediately hardened, and he nudged Grell off of him to roll out of the bed. He immediately manifested his death scythe, not bothering with clothing. “I’m sure I did, love. Best arm yourself.
Scrambling from the bed, Grell picked the Undertaker’s robe up from the floor, pulling it around his naked flesh. He did not have his chainsaw but summoned the pair of scissors he had been given in replacement. Quietly he crept behind his nude lover.
The hall was dim, the shop darker. Scones adorning the walls had yet to bit lit as the day’s warm light had begun to fade. Night time quickly blanketing the world once more in darkness. The only sound, Grell could make out was the sound of his own heartbeat thumping in his ears.
Undertaker didn’t even consider his lack of garments as he glided through the curtains leading into his shop; defending his territory and his lover was more important to him than modesty. He had his doubts that the



Can also be found at:

Archive of Our Own (AO3): DareDreemer or Xenobia Undertaker's Madness

Kuroshitsuji Features

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This is the best of the best on DA for Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). If you are a fan of this series, I strongly suggest you check these artists out. They are in my book the best painters, designers, photographers, cosplayers & what ever else you can think of. Please show them love & support for their wonderful creativity & awesome talent!

Random Favourites

Every piece I select for my Favorites, is a reflection of myself. There is some meaning in each one that touches or displays what lies deep within my Heart. To each of the Artists, Thank You! (Bows in appreciation)

Takuya Uehara


I really want to play with him!

Tumblr Blogs

Cheshire Grell




Loki (Female Clone) = The Avengers
Zombie Survivor = Stuck In Savannah
Grell Sutcliff (Modern) = Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Cheshire Cat (Lingerie) = Alice In Wonderland

In Process for 2014:

Grell Sutcliff (R-rated) = Kuroshitsuji Musical II
Grell Sutcliff (Traditional) = Kuroshitsuji
Sebastian Michaelis (True Form) = Kuroshitsuji
Aqua = KH Birth By Sleep
Alois Trancy = Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Christine Daae = Phantom of The Opera
Injection Fairy Lily = Yu-Gi-Oh Card

William T. Spears


Kuroshitsuji Stamps

William T. by MonotoneJynx William x Grell Stamp by Narukami90 Kurohtsuji: Grell Sutcliff by KiraiMirai
Kuroshitsuji: Grell Booty Call by Alaenakins Kuroshitsuji stamp by sequelle Kuroshitsuji: Will T Spears by Alaenakins
Grell Stamp by starfiregurl26 Kuroshitsuji Grim Reapers Stamp by AiselnePN Grell Sutcliff o2 by QuidxProxQuo
Grell X William stamp by khrazah the reason for red by xDragonair Sebastian FanGrell Stamp by AiselnePN
Kuroshitsuji: Ronald Knox by KiraiMirai Undertaker Stamp wordfree by KitWolfren Claude Stamp 5 by cakoir
Drocell stamp by Julesie Black Butler Stamp by Armor-of-Fire Kuro: Drocell by Kaze-yo Pluto and Sebastian Stamp by Stalker-for-Hire Kuroshitsuji: Break It Down by Alaenakins Grell Sutcliff Stamp by HellviewResident
William x Grell Stamp by cleo-kitten Triplets Stamp 6 by cakoir Grell Sutcliff Stamp by Eckilsax
Undertaker stamp for KuraiNatome by Iloveyoukisshu Let's take a photo! {Kuroshitsuji Stamp} by SilkyBunny Snake stamp by ZZsStamps Grell Sutcliff Stamp 2 by Eckilsax


Lauri Ailane (Grell Sutcliff)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
 photo BloodandFeathersCommission_zps2a6ffae1.jpg

About Me:

I'm a Scorpio who Loves all things Disney. I'm a natural born Preformer. I love photography second to preforming. I dream of one day visiting England, Ireland & Scotland. Music is oxygen to me. I study Dance, Theatre & Opera. I'm obsessed with; Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), Phantom of the Opera & Kingdom Hearts. I'm from California. My favorite color is green. I'm unique & different. I love being a black sheep, being an individual. I'm like an onion, there are many layers to me. Just when you think you know me, you will discover I'm more than you could have ever imagined.

As far as writing goes, I have been telling stories since before I could read & write. I love movies & books. I have always been heavily inspired by visuals in movies & descriptions in books. I use that to my advantage when I write. I love details & am a stickler for them. My specialty when I write is, dreams & flashbacks. I have a tremendous amount of fun writing them. I have an addiction for fairy tales & draw a lot of inspiration from them. From classics to more modern ideas of fairy tales. In addition to writing Fanfics, I also write poetry. Though for poetry I have to be moved to write it. Poetry is not something that easily comes to me & most times it comes to me when I'm sound asleep. Now days I mainly write Fanfics with one of several RP partners, whom I love dearly & have become my best friends. I will say my weakest point when writing is grammar. It was never my strongest point & I am terrible about run on sentences. I am working on it constantly & studying with the goal of continuously growing as a writer & fine tuning my craft. I hope that you enjoy my page & the up & coming adventures that will eventually be making their way here.

My online Besties:

:iconxenobiacat: :iconfallnangeltears: :iconstickiebun13: :iconshadowrunner240: :iconlilyspears: :icongaymendancing:

:iconcontrastingreapers: :iconwizardsofhogwarts: :iconxkyuketsuki: :iconaikurushi: :iconkatiekatt11593: :iconsweetlittlevampire:

Stickie's Tagged Journal Thingy...

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 2:50 AM

"Yes. I'm going to tag you guys, and you're going to repost this journal. I'm not going to lie, it takes forever, but the rule is, if you're tagged, you have to play!! Tag 8-10 people, and just keep it going. Don't forget to repost the rules, and make sure you mention who you were tagged by!"

Tagged by :iconstickiebun13: (not really tagged more like got this from her journal and decided to do it as a distraction)



Name - Lauri, aka Dare or DareDreemer
Will you answer all questions truthfully - Yes

Are you happy - Normally yes, but right now I feel anxious and nervous.
Are you angry? - At this moment I am a bit perturb, rather than angry.
Are your parents still married - Yes (42 years)





► Birth Place - The hospital in the state of California
Hair Color - Bright blonde (Natural)
Eye Color - Green
Birthday - October 28
Mood - Anxious

Gender - Female
Lefty or Righty - Righty
Summer or winter - Both
Morning or afternoon - I am a night owl, so afternoon is better, though I do love to watch sunrises.





Are you in love - Nope
Do you believe in love at first sight - I still believe it is possible.
Who ended your last relationship - I ended my marriage after six years. It was not a good marriage.
Have you ever broken someone’s heart - I think I did once. But it was innocent. I thought the guy was my friend and the way he reacted when I told him I was engaged to my first fiance, I think he secretly had a crush on me and I never knew it. He would never talk to me after that.
► Are you afraid of commitments - Sometimes (mainly social as I have panic attacks and can easily back out of things at the last minute)
Have you hugged someone within the last week? - Just my cats. Does that count?
Have you ever had a secret admirer - Stalkers.  Possibly a couple that I never knew about. Put it this way, I have never had the book and movie kind. If they admired me secretly, it was such a secret that I never found out about them.
Have you ever broken your own heart? - Yes, more times than I can count.





Love or lust - I am both.
Lemonade or iced tea - Neither
Cats or Dogs - Cats
A few best friends or many regular friends - A few best friends
Television or internet - Internet
► Pepsi or Coke - Pepsi
► Wild night out or romantic night in
- Honestly I am not very wild... So I much prefer a romantic night in.
Day or night - Night
IM or Phone - Both





Been caught sneaking out - No. I actually have never snuck out.
Fallen down/up the stairs - More times than I care to admit. This also includes one escalator.
White water rafted - No
Finished an entire jawbreaker - A few, but never the really large ones. Never even tried to.
Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? - Yes
Prank called a store - No
Skipped school - More like played And of course Senior skip day. Stuck a friend in the trunk as well when she couldn't get a permission slip to leave school. That was awesome.
Wanted to disappear - Many times.





Smile or eyes - Eyes.
Light or dark hair - Either.
Fat or skinny - Depends, but I am not picky.
Shorter or Taller - Taller, though most are going to be taller as I am so short.
Intelligence or Attraction - Both are important
Hook-up or Relationship  - Depends. I have done both and it all came down to who the other person was.
Funny and poor OR rich and serious - My personality is a mixture of both, so to be honest I can take either. So long as they treat me right, I really don't care if they are rich or poor, funny or Serious.





Do you and your family get along - For the most part, but my parents can be very nasty. My relationship with me dad is much better than it use to be, but my mother can't be trusted.
Would you say you have a “messed up life” - Sometimes. But compared to others, no. It just feels like it.
Have you ever ran away from home - No, but i have wanted to.
Have you ever gotten kicked out - No, but my dad has repeatedly threatened me with kicking me out.
If so, how long - 0





Do you secretly hate one of your friends - If I hated someone in my circle of friends... They would not be in my circle of friends.
Do you consider all of your friends good friends - For the first time in my life, yes. I have met some incredible people over recent years and they have done nothing, but be there for me.
Who is your best friend - I don't have just one best friend. The ones I am very close with these days as I talk to all the time and are there for me when I feel down. That make me laugh or just provide a shoulder to cry on are Xenobiacat, StickieBun13, Shadowrunner240, LilySpears, fallnangeltears and SweetLittleVampire

Who knows everything about you - God and no one else. Though I do wear my heart on my sleeve.





Last person you hung out with - My friend who is not on DA. Though over the phone it was Xenobiacat
Last thing you ate - Oreo Cookies and Pizza Pringles. Like literally a few moments ago
Last thing you drank - Water
 Last place you were - My parents house


Uh... do it if you wanna do it?

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