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When the Bell Tower Tolls

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Can also be found at:

Archive of Our Own (AO3): DareDreemer or StickieBun

Tea and Crumpets

Tea and Crumpets Sketch by fallnangeltears

Sketch of the upcoming cover art for Tea and Crumpets, by the wonderful fallnangeltears. So check their art out and show them some love.


Tea and Crumpets Chapter 7The mortician’s expression immediately hardened, and he nudged Grell off of him to roll out of the bed. He immediately manifested his death scythe, not bothering with clothing. “I’m sure I did, love. Best arm yourself.
Scrambling from the bed, Grell picked the Undertaker’s robe up from the floor, pulling it around his naked flesh. He did not have his chainsaw but summoned the pair of scissors he had been given in replacement. Quietly he crept behind his nude lover.
The hall was dim, the shop darker. Sconces adorning the walls had yet to bit lit as the day’s warm light had begun to fade. Night time quickly blanketing the world once more in darkness. The only sound, Grell could make out was the sound of his own heartbeat thumping in his ears.
Undertaker didn’t even consider his lack of garments as he glided through the curtains leading into his shop; defending his territory and his lover was more important to him than modesty. He had his doubts that th
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 8~So you dare to bring other reapers and a demon to come after me and my cargo, old friend. We shall see about this. I bested you once, Khronos. I will do it again.~
Garrison watched hidden in the bow of the ship along with the ancient, the junior and the demon. He had sensed the old fool the moment he materialized on the ship. Seeking him out, he had discovered the retired reaper huddled in the cargo bay. Now, cloaked by an ancient Shinigami spell, he stood watching and listening to the conversation between the three misfits. A wide grin carved across his mouth. His eyes glowing from his hiding spot, like a wolf on the hunt. Yes, this time he would kill the ancient, rather than show mercy and allow him to live.
"I am afraid I haven’t the slightest clue as to what is going on and why you need my help in freeing Sutcliff. And do you or do you not have a plan for doing so?" Sebastian asked, narrowing his eyes on the silver-haired reaper. "Also, you did not answer my prior i
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 9Celeste moaned as her eyes slowly began to blink open. Her head was aching…a dull pounding, like someone knocking on her brain . Dazed and confused, she started to look around the room she was in. It was not familiar to her. As her eyes came into focus, she began to make things out. The walls were lemon yellow and a strange black box set on the top of a chest drawers in front of her. It was still dark, but there was a light on; a hurricane lamp, she assumed, burning nearby and flooding the room in warmth. The curtains on the window were blood orange. There was a sofa to her right and another chair to her left, both tan in colour. A small, rectangular table sat between the seating and bottles of liquor adorned it.
The sound of voices broke through her haze. Instantly she recognized them. The blond and the old man. Celeste tried to get up from the chair she was in, discovering she was unable to. Wide-eyed, she looked down. Metal shackles were locked around her wrists and there was
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 10Grabbing a towel from the rack that hung above her head, Celeste wiped her mouth clean. Her bladder was beginning to scream and she new if she did not hurry, she would make a mess of herself. She quickly got to her feet and began untying her pantaloons, though her petticoats and such kept getting in the way.
Just as it was about to be to late she managed to free herself and sat down. A sigh of relief filling the tiny room., echoing off the lemon painted walls. The sounds falling from her lips were a kin to one reaching climax while making love.
"Blessed relief!" She exclaimed as she leaned forward upon her knees.
Years of honing his other senses to compensate for poor vision had given the Undertaker the hearing of a bat. When he heard the woman's exclamation of relief, issued in such a climactic and heartfelt voice, he actually blushed. He'd heard Grell issue such cries in the throes of passion, and his mind immediately went there.
"Guess she really did need a piss," he reasoned.
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 11Celeste scrambled to sit up properly. Her cheeks had turned as red as a rose in autumn and burned with embarrassment. She flitted with her skirts, trying to make herself look presentable.
The woman chuckled inwardly as she watched the young woman right herself. Then her eyes wandered back to the ancient reaper squatting on the floor next to the bed. Her bed.
"Don't call me that, you old fool. You know I never liked that name." She chided as she walked over to her bed and held her hand out to the blonde. "Don't be afraid child. My name is Moira Anderson. It appears this one has done a good job of seducing you. No need to be embarrassed."
Timidly, Celeste took the woman's hand. "Celeste Elizabeth Whitmore Grimm."
"Grimm?" Moira's eyebrow rose as she peered down at Khronos. "How ironic. I take it she is aware of what you are, you bounder. I thought you were done.... Wait."
Turning her eyes back to the blonde, she frowned. Something was off. Moira raised the girl's chin and examined her fa
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 12Khronos stepped down on a well-tended lawn. It was still early morning, of course, and he began to carry his burden up the winding path to the estate on the hill.
"We're almost there, love," he murmured to the girl in his arms. "Be aware I may need to repel your loved ones from me, if they attempt to take you from me. I'm doing this because...because I feel I owe at least this much to you. Will you cooperate after this and work with me?"
Nodding, Celeste whispered, "Yes. I won't fight what-whatever it is you need to do. If y-you promise... to stay with me."
"What shall we s-say happened to me? I'm covered in bl-blood." She asked as she looked at the gown she was wearing and at the locks of blonde hair sticking to her arms. "Wh-what did I to myself?"
"Don't fret, love," soothed the reaper. "You were distraught. It's easy enough to give the excuse that you were attacked and looted by brigands. It's a common occurrence in the world today, and I won't say anything you don't want me
Tea and Crumpets Chapter 13Warm and rested, Grell slowly emerged from the depths of sleep. Slowly, his eyes fluttered open. A smile formed on his colorless lips. He was nestled in his lover's arms, safe and secure. Undertaker's scent filled his nostrils and gradually his hand emerged from between their bodies, to gingerly brush the silver bangs from Khronos' Face.
~It was just a dream. A bad dream... but a dream no less.~
"I thought I was lost forever. That I would never see you again." He whispered as he ran his fingers over his lover's cheek. "But it was only a dr..."
"Wait! No pink!" Grell exclaimed as the corner of his eye met the ceiling above them. He lifted his head and looked over the Undertaker's body. His eyes expanded and he realized they were not at the shop.
"Khronos?! Wake up!" He lowered his voice, though there was urgency in his tone. Heart racing, he began to push on his lover's chest in an attempt to wake him. "Khronos?!"
Undertaker snorted and stirred, odd dreams of having little baby r



Can also be found at:

Archive of Our Own (AO3): DareDreemer or Xenobia Undertaker's Madness

Takuya Uehara


I really want to play with him!

Tumblr Blogs

Cheshire Grell




Loki (Female Clone) = The Avengers
Zombie Survivor = Stuck In Savannah
Grell Sutcliff (Modern) = Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Cheshire Cat (Lingerie) = Alice In Wonderland

In Process for 2014:

Grell Sutcliff (R-rated) = Kuroshitsuji Musical II
Grell Sutcliff (Traditional) = Kuroshitsuji
Sebastian Michaelis (True Form) = Kuroshitsuji
Aqua = KH Birth By Sleep
Alois Trancy = Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Christine Daae = Phantom of The Opera
Injection Fairy Lily = Yu-Gi-Oh Card

William T. Spears


Kuroshitsuji Stamps

William T. by MonotoneJynx William x Grell Stamp by Narukami90 Kurohtsuji: Grell Sutcliff by KiraiMirai
Kuroshitsuji: Grell Booty Call by Alaenakins Kuroshitsuji stamp by sequelle Kuroshitsuji: Will T Spears by Alaenakins
Grell Stamp by starfiregurl26 Kuroshitsuji Grim Reapers Stamp by AiselnePN Grell Sutcliff o2 by QuidxProxQuo
Grell X William stamp by khrazah the reason for red by xDragonair Sebastian FanGrell Stamp by AiselnePN
Grell Sutcliff Stamp 2 by Eckilsax Undertaker Stamp wordfree by KitWolfren Claude Stamp 5 by cakoir
Drocell stamp by Julesie Black Butler Stamp by Armor-of-Fire Kuro: Drocell by Kaze-yo Pluto and Sebastian Stamp by Stalker-for-Hire Kuroshitsuji: Break It Down by Alaenakins Grell Sutcliff Stamp by HellviewResident
William x Grell Stamp by cleo-kitten Triplets Stamp 6 by cakoir Grell Sutcliff Stamp by Eckilsax
Undertaker stamp for KuraiNatome by Iloveyoukisshu Let's take a photo! {Kuroshitsuji Stamp} by SilkyBunny Snake stamp by ZZsStamps



Lauri Ailane (Grell Sutcliff)
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About Me:

I'm a Scorpio who Loves all things Disney. I'm a natural born Preformer. I love photography second to preforming. I dream of one day visiting England, Ireland & Scotland. Music is oxygen to me. I study Dance, Theatre & Opera. I'm obsessed with; Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), Phantom of the Opera & Kingdom Hearts. I'm from California. My favorite color is green. I'm unique & different. I love being a black sheep, being an individual. I'm like an onion, there are many layers to me. Just when you think you know me, you will discover I'm more than you could have ever imagined.

As far as writing goes, I have been telling stories since before I could read & write. I love movies & books. I have always been heavily inspired by visuals in movies & descriptions in books. I use that to my advantage when I write. I love details & am a stickler for them. My specialty when I write is, dreams & flashbacks. I have a tremendous amount of fun writing them. I have an addiction for fairy tales & draw a lot of inspiration from them. From classics to more modern ideas of fairy tales. In addition to writing Fanfics, I also write poetry. Though for poetry I have to be moved to write it. Poetry is not something that easily comes to me & most times it comes to me when I'm sound asleep. Now days I mainly write Fanfics with one of several RP partners, whom I love dearly & have become my best friends. I will say my weakest point when writing is grammar. It was never my strongest point & I am terrible about run on sentences. I am working on it constantly & studying with the goal of continuously growing as a writer & fine tuning my craft. I hope that you enjoy my page & the up & coming adventures that will eventually be making their way here.

My online Besties:

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Repo! The Genetic Opera Review

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 2:39 PM
Repo! The Genetic Opera Review

Alright, so last night I finally was able to watch this movie. I have been wanting to for sometime and had never gotten the chance to do so. It wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. This is not exactly a bad thing, just it was literally nothing I had expected. It was good, does it stand out as a top favorite? Unfortunately no. Would I watch it again? Yes. I would never be opposed of watching it. I love a lot of the songs and music. 

Actually I was quite surprised at how well it was cast and the job everyone did in it. The make-up and costumes were also outstanding. At times though it was a tad bloody for my tastes. But hey it has to be expected, after all this was a horror movie musical. Without blood, it would have just been a suspense thriller in the form of a musical.

Truth be told the premise of the film, I actually could see coming true and that is a terrifying thought. The thought of having a transplant and then not being able to afford the surgery afterwards. Then out of nowhere a man known as the Repoman, comes and guts you alive, to remove the part you were given. Probably would have been better to die in the first place. Though as desperate to live or to be pretty, the way most humans are, I honestly could see people in these situations. It really was a metaphor for a lot of human behavior and addictions we face today. How sick our society would be if we did become a world like that of Repo.

As far as performances go, I have to agree with several of my friends. Graverobber, played by Terrance Zdunich, has an awesome voice. I kind of wish he had more screen time. I knew Paul Sorvino, who played Rotti Largo, could sing, but I had never gotten the chance to really hear him and I was quite impressed by his ability. And of course Anthony Stewart Head, Nathan Wallace, was awesome as ever. Though I had no idea he was the one that was going to be playing the Repoman. The forced villain and anti-hero of the film. I love his voice so much. Always have and always will. Then of course there was Paris Hilton, Amber Sweet, I knew she could sing. I also knew she was not a bad singer. However I hadn’t even realized it was her when she first appeared in the film. Despite my personal opinions of her as a human being in real life, as an actress and singer, she really isn’t half bad. She does have talent. 

So overall I enjoyed the film. I did get a bit squeamish, at times, with the sexual innuendos and the brief nudity. That, however was due to watching the movie with my dad. Sorry, as comfortable as I am when it comes to things of a sexual nature, I still get uncomfortable when it occurs and my dad is there, in the room with me, watching. Had it been friends with me or myself alone watching, I would not have been so affected. 

Do I recommend this film? Yes. Especially if you like musical theatre. Despite it being a horror musical, I think anyone in preforming arts can truly appreciate it. Also if you love horror flicks, you should like it as well. It you have an intolerance for blood and entrails, you may want to skip this film. I do realize not everyone has strong stomachs or they have fears of blood and body parts. If however, that does not bother you, check this film out. I think it is an underrated picture and is under appreciated. 


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